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In February, 1983, Keep Midland Beautiful was formed as an independent non-profit organization. Its initial funding and support was provided by the city of Midland and the Midland Chamber of Commerce. Keep Midland Beautiful was originally known as Clean Midland and was formed with the primary purpose of making Midland cleaner and more attractive.  

Keep Midland Beautiful is a member of the Keep America Beautiful (KAB) Clean Community System. This system was formed in 1976 to provide cities with a structured network from which to build their own local program of sustained litter reduction. In 1989 Keep America Beautiful expanded its mission to include recycling/waste reduction.

Through broad-based community support and with leadership from the Board of Directors, Keep Midland Beautiful has developed award-winning local programs. As a result of the excellence of its volunteer endeavors, multiple awards have been presented to the organization.

What does all of this mean to Midland? The Litter Index, a scientific survey measuring spatial distribution of loose trash, is performed yearly. This survey shows the average reduction of litter in Midland from the 1983 baseline is 95%! New parks have been developed, and existing parks improved. Waste reduction has been encouraged and the burden on the landfill has decreased.

Keep Midland Beautiful educate and engages Midlanders in litter prevention, beautification and waste managment. In addition to being partnered with KAB, we are also an affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful.



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