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Clue Crew Club

June 14 At KMB Join the Clue Crew to Investigate Recycling Right Clue Crew also receives a free T shirt                                       

           This Summer you can join the Clue Crew and Investigate ways to Reduce Reuse and Recycle  

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 This Summer we will be holding several Clue Crew Club Events. 


A special Thank You to our Printing Sponsor We received the Green Bag Grant for printing our 1st Activity Book and Childeren you and Old Think its a hit    Adventures in America


Dates and Times and Location

Clue Crew Club on Wednesday, June 3                 9 AM-10 AM
Our Litter Investigation at Hogan Park Pavilion.  Ages 6 and Up.  

Clue Crew Club on Thursday,  July 9                        9 AM-10 AM 
Chihuly Recycled Art at the Keep Midland Beautiful Office.  Ages 6 and Up. 

Clue Crew Club on Wednesday, August 5              9 AM-10 AM
Paper Making at the Midland West Texas Food Bank. Ages 6 and Up

We will also be partnering with the Midland County Public Library For a Facebook LIVE Presentation!

       Clue Crew Club



Want us to present to our summer club or Group?

We would love to and we will bring activities and fun!


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