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Yellow Pages Opt-Out: Consumer Choice

Developed in partnership between the Local Search Association and the Association of Directory Publishers, provides an easy and secure way for residents to control the number of Yellow Pages telephone directories they receive or to stop directory delivery entirely. It is a completely free service and the Local Search Association encourages efforts by municipalities and community-based organizations to make consumers aware of this important option.

The Internet-based tool is specifically designed to prevent directories from being delivered to anyone who doesn’t want one while ensuring that they are delivered to the majority of consumers who continue to rely upon and use the print Yellow Pages to make purchases supporting the local business community and economy. It is a significant and unified commitment on behalf of directory publishers of which the positive impacts are already being realized in many communities around the country.

As the industry’s official Web site to manage requests, all Local Search Association and the Association of Directory Publishers member companies are committed to honoring requests made through the Opt-Out web portal. Information gathered through the site will not be sold to third-parties and will be used solely to update publishers’ delivery information.

Simply go to, enter your zip code, and follow the prompts to make your choice. Once complete, you will be sent a confirmation email. Click the link embedded in the email to confirm your request.