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Pollution Control and Prevention


Environmental Crime – Did you know that polluting our environment can be a crime in Texas? The Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission (TNRCC) has published a flyer that explains why some common practices are actually law-breaking activities and provide alternatives and solutions for them.


Air Quality Solutions This TNRCC publication gives tips for use in your car and at home to reduce emissions and improve air quality.


Care for Your Car…Care for the Air This is an adaptation of a TNRCC brochure that provides a number of helpful tips for keeping your car running smoothly, thereby protecting air quality. It includes a helpful chart for diagnosing the causes of engine smoke based on smoke color.


Pollution Prevention Tips, Lunchtime Pollution Prevention Tips, and National Pollution Prevention(P2) Week’s primary goal are to educate people about pollution prevention and about taking steps that help take care of our natural resources. Pollution prevention can be simple, as revealed in these articles.