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Report a Litterer

Texans now have a new tool to fight litter!       dmwtapp



For years, the “Report A Litterer” program has allowed Texans to notify TxDOT via when they witness trash being tossed out of vehicles. Now, there’s a new, free mobile app. For instance, with the single press of a button, the littering incident, and type of trash are recorded via GPS. The new Don’t Mess with Texas app allows Texans to identify the litter they see as one of four prevalent types of trash: fast food; cigarette butts; cups, cans and bottles; and miscellaneous trash. The data is then compiled into a map that illustrates what’s being littered and where throughout Texas.

Don’t Mess with Texas Mobile App Safety Features

As a promoter of safe behavior on roadways, TxDOT has taken precautions to prevent distracted driving. When a user opens the app for the first time, the user is prompted with a reminder not to use the app while driving. Users cannot text or type into the app at any time — only tapping on the touch screen is allowed, and only one tap is needed to report litter.

Litter prevention is so important to road safety as well.