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Things We Can Recycle in Midland!


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Video on Cardboard Recycling 


Video on Aluminum Recycling


Video on Paper Recycling




 #1 and #2 Plastics Items don't have to be perfectly clean but a good rinse would help with odors and pests as these items go straight to the processing center. It's OK to leave caps and labels on water bottles.  If you can flatten your bottles to help save room. 
           Examples of #1 Plastics: Water and soda bottles, peanut butter containers,
                                                      salad dressing and vegetable oil containers, etc. 
         Examples of #2 Plastics: Milk jugs, juice bottles, detergent and household cleaner
                                                     bottles, shampoo bottles, etc. 
Cardboard Please break down your boxes and remove all packaging.  It really allows for a lot more to fit in the bins. 
Paper and Cardboard go in separate containers


 Paper No magazines, gift wrap, gift paper or slick paper please. 


Aluminum Cans Only Please flatten to save room.  Foil and foil based products are not acceptable. 



 Where to Recycle in Midland

Items for recycling can be taken to the Citizens Collection Station (Midland Residents Only) at 4100 Smith Road or BRI (Both Commercial and Residential) at 26 W. Industrial. Click here for hours of operation. 


All plastics, cans, and paper should be emptied out from the plastic bags.  Those bags are contamination when put in the containers.  The only exception is shredded paper, it should be in a bag. 


The Citizens Collection Station is also the location for you to properly dispose of yard waste and large items such as appliances and household furniture. 



 We cannot recycle: 

Plastic Trashbags

Household Garbage

Steel or Tin (soup cans, dog/cat food cans, etc.)




Coated Paper Products (No Waxy Substances)

Dirty Recyclables (Pizza boxes with grease and cheese)

Medicine Bottles

Plastics outside of the #1 and #2 range. Check the bottom or label for the number inside the triangle.  Also no industrial grade plastics. 

Plastic Garbage Bags

Plastic Totes or Flower Pots

Dog Food and Cat Food Bags


When In Doubt, Throw it OUT!!





Midland Now Has 2 Curbside Options for Both Commercial and Residential!


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