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Trash 4 Cash Guidelines

The goal of the "Trash 4 Cash" program is to have a cleaner Midland. Please work towards a goal of 1 bag per person per hour as a normal amount for a paid cleanup like the one you are about to do. Your group gets paid $5 per hour per person.

For example, if 20 people clean for 4 hours each at $5 per person that would equal $400. If you are trying to reach your goal of $500 per cleanup, the more people you have, the more ground you cover, and the fewer hours you have to work.

If you completely clean your area before you finish earning the funds you seek, please continue to clean the area around your assigned space that needs attention. GROUPS WILL BE MONITORED PERIODICALLY FOR ACCURACY!


  • This program is specifically for non-profit organizations. NO SUBGROUPS ALLOWED. This means only one group can use one tax id number each year for 6 cleanups. For example the XYZ group with a tax id. number 12-3456789 can only do 6 clean-ups each year. We will not allow XYZ group #1, XYZ group #2, and XYZ group #3 with the same tax id. number do 6 separate cleanups.
  • Please give us advanced notice (3-5 days) of your cleanup so we may prepare supplies for your group. 
  • Take a picture with your phone that identifies the area you are cleaning (a sign, etc.), take a before and after picture, take a picture of your group cleaning and take a picture of bags after the pickup. We only need 5 pictures from your cleanup! Email them to the following email address: . 
  • NOTE: if no pictures are taken to confirm clean up you will not be paid.
  • PLEASE RETURN ALL GLOVES, UNUSED BAGS, AND VESTS TO KMB the next workday. Keep Midland Beautiful will use the unused materials and wash the gloves for reuse. KMB WILL NEED ALL SUPPLIES RETURNED BEFORE YOUR GROUP WILL BE ISSUED A CHECK.
  • Keep Midland Beautiful needs to know how many bags of litter you collected, the number of hours you spent cleaning the area, and the total number of volunteers in your group.