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Midland Judicial Court District CSCD Guidelines

The Midland CSCD (Adult Probation) oversees the administration of community service for the Court of Midland County.  Individuals placed on probation are ordered to perform community service as a condition of their community supervision consistent with Article 42.12, Section 16 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures.

 In order for an agency to be approved as a community service organization, it must meet the following criteria: 

  1. The agency must be nonprofit as defined by Section 501.C.3 of the Internal Revenue Code, or an agency of the Federal, State, or local government, or a political subdivision thereof.
  2. The organization must agree to (1) accept offenders under the supervision of the Midland CSCD for community service work, (2) supervise the work of offenders assigned to the project, and (3) report on the quantity and quality of the work performed.
  3. The organization must demonstrate that is services are provided to the general public, and that such services are designed to accomplish one or more of the following: (a) enhance the social welfare of the community; or (b) enhance the physical or mental stability of the community; or, (c) enhance the environmental quality of the community; or, (d) enhance the general well being of the community.

All entities wishing to participate as an approved Midland CSCD community service organization must complete a community service application and submit the same to the Midland CSCD Agency Director.  The Midland CSCD maintains a current list of all approved organizations.

Probationers are not allowed to make a monetary payment to any entity in lieu of performing community service.  Additionally, probationers may not make donations of goods in lieu of performing community service.

Community service hours are to be given at the rate of 1 to 1, which is 1 hour of community service credit for each hour worked unless otherwise approved by the Midland CSCD Agency Director.  The Agency Director may approve extra community service hours for probationers utilizing their own equipment (welder, mobile car wash, etc.).

Probationers shall only be credited for community service hours worked at approved sites, and the hours must be verified by authorized signatures.

Anyone who submits falsified community service records is subject to sanctions including loss of hours, revocation of community supervision, and prosecution for falsification of a government record.



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